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I’m a pretty simple complex conundrum of enigma as are most people when you get to know them. For the most part, I work in the field of social media, and online community management. As with most things, I fell into this ass-backwards. I’d been working in it for years, and even did a presentation for one of my finals in college on the future effects of digital and social media in corporate culture back in 1997, but it wasn’t until a few years later that I realized this was a specialty people were getting paid to do. Secretly, I still think it’s weird. But then, I think psychiatrists getting paid to listen to people is kinda weird too. Welcome to my brain.

When I’m not working a paying job, I’m usually working on sharing knowledge and helping to build a strong community for people with corn/maize allergies. Around 2004, I started in depth research into allergies, life, biology, medicine, and anything else even remotely related to allergies. I now do counseling and share this knowledge as best I can to help others. This work is done through various channels in as much time as I can spare without of course going crazy, and most of that work stems from attempting to keep the Corn-Free Foods List up to date.

I also dabble in the arts as hobby. The physical work of it helps break up the heavy computer reliance of the above two “positions”. I paint or draw when the urge takes me, and I have several creative fiction books in the works as well. On Fridays, I try to go country or ballroom dancing. On Saturday nights, you can usually find me belting out karaoke somewhere so my singing voice doesn’t get too rusty.

Offline, I tend to be pretty shy.

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