The Real Life Farmville feeds the hungry

October 2, 2011 under Just for Fun
Chick Picture at CHF

Just $10

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, and I have to say I’ve never been more tempted to purchase Farm Animals.

The Canadian Hunger Foundation (CHF) has come up with a wonderful way to get people involved in providing sustainable agricultural items to those in need.

The phrase “Teach a man to fish” comes to mind.

The site is so ingenious that it reminds me of one of the greater evils of the last 10 years. Zynga’s Farmville.  Very few of us weren’t sucked into that trap at least once,  and in many ways CHF’s new shopping site brings that game to life.

Buy goats to improve the family farms. Oh, they probably need some seeds to plant for feed as well, must purchase those. They should be able to have eggs and milk, those are necessities, so “click” purchase some chicks and cows.  Maybe add some fruit trees to round out the farm a bit.

If you really want to upgrade your real-but-virtual farming, you can purchase things like peanut grinders, educational packages, and clean water.

How awesome is that?

Actually, one person commented (name left out for privacy reasons), “I like giving bees and pretending I am an evil overlord, plaguing the poor of the world with BEES.”

Ah yes, there are many ways to play this new farming game..  Imagine yourself as good or evil as you want. It’s all for a good cause.

(CHF if I may make a suggestion.. when items are purchased add them to a personal virtual farm for us to look at and upgrade. See now that would totally rock. “See my farm? Yep, those are real animals feeding people all over the world. Cuz I’m awesome like that.”)

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