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March 17, 2011 under Misc. Commentary

To: All my unemployed software development friends:

Last night I attended a “Hiring Happy Hour” by Polycom, and met some really great people. If I had the skills they needed, you would not be reading this post today, because I’d wait until they hired me. 🙂


The company, Polycom is an international company, but the local Austin division is mostly engineering and from the employees I met it’s a great place to work. (Seriously, if you could just download the coding skills into my head, I’d be fighting you for these jobs so I could work with these people myself.)


I talked with Virginia Ruff, Technical Recruiter, as well as Kevin Burns, Platform Development Manager… and got the skinny on their needs. To tell you the truth, Kevin seemed much more desperate to get ahold of good quality coders, than Virginia. (But that might be because Kevin’s firsthand responsible for the work being done, and has thus been taking up the slack himself. Can you say overworked?)


So please.. if you have these skills.. and time to do the work.. Please go apply.


They need people who have any of the following skills:


Linux coding

Android coding

Hardware Bringup – if you know what this is, you’re probably qualified. 🙂

Video apps coding

User Interface design coding


I know some of you know people who are also looking, so please forward the information to anyone you think may be qualified/interested.


PS – More details to be found http://www.polycom.com/company/careers/career_search.html or at http://www.polycom.com

<Disclaimer> The happy hour was free to all who attended, and yes I was given free food and drink. Yes that may or may not have played a part in my making this post. The fact that they know how to throw a party, may also.. or may not have had.. a part in me making this post. It might also be that I woke up today and needed to write something and having had fun last night with them  may or may not have been the first thing on my mind. </Disclaimer>

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