Amber Mac’s Top 10 Social Media Tips #2 & #3

July 20, 2010 under Social Media Basics
Amber Mac's Book

Amber Mac's Book

These tips really work together.

#2 Make Time:  Social Media takes time. So make sure you set aside some time every day to make sure the conversation keeps going.

We’re all busy with busy lives and many things to demand our time. It can get easy to forget to check your social media sites, and easy to set it aside.

Instead, schedule parts of your day to do social media, even if its just a half hour here and there. If you want to make it work, you have to put in the time.

#3 Be Consistent: Amber compared many people’s social media efforts akin to their approach to New Year’s Resolutions. At first, they start out all excited. They start going to the gym every day. They eat right. But as the days pass, they revert to their old ways of doing things and the gym becomes a forgotten except for a few times when people dip their toe back in now and then.

That method does not work. You have to be present and be involved. While this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend every waking minute on Twitter, or blog every day, you should have a plan of how often you want to update your social media, and how involved you want to get, and stick with it.

Be present and respond in a timely manner, have an active voice, and that will help you stand out from the crowd.

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