Amber Mac’s Top 10 Social Media Tips: Tip #1

July 15, 2010 under Social Media Basics

Last week I sat through a great webinar presentation by Amber Mac (a Hootsuite webinar) promoting her new book, Power Friending.  I haven’t read her book yet, but if its anything like her webinar, it should be a good and useful read.

She had 10 great tips that she gave.

Tip #1

Be Authentic.

Personally I call this being human, but that’s more semantics. She recommended that you be authentic and speak in an authentic voice.  Not lawyer speak. Not sales speak. But talking like a real person and reacting to people like a real person.

This is my top #1 advice as well. Be Real. Be Alive.

The funniest thing to me was that she referenced Dominos as a great example of this. If you remember a while ago the video of employees doing nasty things to pizza, and then Dominos response to it.

I’ll link the video, in case you’ve not seen it, but this is the one example she brought up that I’m not entirely sure was a good one. I wholly agree with her premise, but..

About 3-4 months ago, I also went to a different seminar and listened to experts talk about sincerity in video and its effectiveness. The Dominos video was chosen as a “failed” video in this regard, as it seemed very formal, out of touch and boring. The presenter seemed detached and reading off a card rather than actually feeling the message he was saying. Un-authentic.

Yet, Amber Mac, another expert, used this same video as an explanation of what to do in response to customer outcry as a completely authentic response on the part of Dominos. She also credited this action of Dominos on saving their company, and credited the video as being a good example of being authentic.

I will agree that the mode of reply, a YouTube video, was a fantastic choice of medium for a response. I’ll also agree that the message, “This is not condoned by Dominos, and perpetrators will be faced with the full brunt of the law”, was much needed at the time.

But was this authentic? You watch the video.. tell me what you think.

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