The Numbers Lie – Social Media Is Social

CounterYou hear it often from “Twitter Experts” that you need large numbers. You learn how to use different Twitter applications to get those large numbers of followers.There is something to be said for having quite a few followers or fans, since your message can’t reach people if they’re not following you.

But are your followers listening? Numbers alone doesn’t mean that your message is reaching anyone.

We like numbers. Numbers are easy to measure. Social influence is not. Even the new application Klout, which is designed to measure your Twitter social influence, falls short.

So while building numbers is great, you also need to build trust, respect, and bring something to the table.

Social media is social. You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and demand they buy your products, don’t do it online. That computer screen you see, hides all the faces, minds, hearts of the entire world. Engage them. Talk to them.

Don’t be the online “used car salesman”… you won’t get very far.

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