Twitter Tips For The Beginner

June 29, 2010 under Social Media Basics

Just a few tips to get you started:
1. Keep your ID short. It might be tempting to call yourself “VonQueenOfTheJungle” or to go with your full business name “YvonneYoungSocialMedia” but they’re way too long.  Twitter only allows for 140 characters. While the length of your name won’t have an effect on the length of your messages. The longer your name is; the less room people have to type a message to you.

So keep it short and sweet, even if it doesn’t make much sense. There’s space on Twitter to put your real name or business name as well so people will know who you are. However, do be innovative. Instead of picking “Von12345” instead go for “BoxofVon” or an appreviation of your name, your company or a creative nickname.

2. Follow people you find interesting. Follow people that you want to interact with either personally, professionally (collegue or customer), or you just enjoy their subject matter. One of the most important parts of Twitter is interacting with each other. Following people you find interesting will give you plenty of chances to interact with them about things that they post, and interest them. This will also give them chances to learn more about you and promote yourself or your business.

3. Twitter is social with real people. Sure there are automated bots, but most tweets (messages posted on twitter) are written by real people with real lives and real feelings. Remember this in your dealings with them. Socially the same general rules apply in Twitter as would in your every day life. “Treat others as you’d like to be treated”

4. Be Interesting. The flipside of Tip #2 is that your tweets also need to be interesting and engaging. Whether you’re tweeting for personal or business, do your best to post tweets that add value to the the Twitter community. Whether it be an interesting video you found, a new product you’ve developed, or a quote you find helpful. While now and then the mundane can add character about you “So tired today, my shoes don’t match.” It’s not usually a good idea for every tweet.

5. Tweet often, but not too often. There’s a line between not tweeting often enough, and tweeting to the point of spam. As much as people may like you, you can get quickly unfollowed if you’re constantly adding too much clutter to someone’s twitterstream.  If you’re posting breaking news, you’ll get more leeway than if you’re posting knock-knock jokes, but keep conscious of how often you tweet. You can also tweet too little. In which people following you, might stop following you due to inactivity or send you messages asking if you’re still alive.

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