Why Do Social Media?

I’ve gotten asked several times, “Why should I do Social Media?”  “What’s in it for me?”

Rarely do I ever get asked “how” but more of a “Why?”

For me, the “Why” was never a question. But I suppose it’s the same with every technological advancement..

“Why would I put an ad on the Radio?”

“Why put an ad on TV?”

The answer is exactly the same for social media. Because you want more customers, you want to get your name out or advertise a product, you want to reach your current customers more efficiently, you want to be accessible to your current and future customers, and you want to be seen as relevant and innovative.

If you don’t want more customers, you don’t want to increase your base of loyal customers, you don’t want to be accessible and relevant to new customers and new technology, then really social media isn’t for you.

I attended a talk last week at the Austin Social Media Club and listened to a presentation by Simon Salt a local social media guru. Simon gave a few examples of the benefits of simple Location-Based (GPS) Social Media marketing campaigns. One company he mentioned had a 110% increase in growth, and another had a 20% increase.

That’s just for one specific area of Social Media marketing. Just One. Of course, not everyone is going to see that kind of growth or have that kind of growth opportunity.

However, don’t forget the value of having a customer base and being able to communicate directly with them.

What used to take millions of surveys and polls to figure out, you can now hear directly from the customer’s own lips. People are using social media more and more to connect to friends, talk, and voice their opinions, and most of that information is public for you to access. Plus, the easier it is for them to contact you, the more likely you’ll get to hear about products they want, new features to add, or even as Rich Harris, Senior Manager of Social Media at Seagate Technology, mentioned yesterday in a Hootsuite webinar, your customers may tip you off to a mistake on your site saving you hundreds of dollars in legal fees or lost sales.

People are going to talk, but are they going to be talking about you?

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